innocence-of-muslimsIt’s supposedly this short video, The Innocence of Muslims, a film by California film maker Sam Bacile (currently in hiding), which incited the violent overthrow and destruction of the U.S. Embassy in Libya that took the life of Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Embassy staff members.

While the film isn’t new, produced in 2011, it was recently dubbed into Egyptian Arabic and has been the center of attention lately for radical Islamist who seem eager as ever to stage violence in the middle east in the name of Allah.

Terry Jones, the Florida pastor most famous for his burning of Qurans which previously sparked deadly riots in Muslim nations, posted on his website Tuesday that he would be re-broadcasting the trailer for “The Innocence of Muslims” as part of a day of “International Judge Mohammad Day” in which the Muslim prophet is subjected to a mock trial, accused of “promoting murder, rape, and destruction of people and property through his writings called the Koran.”

The film, in it’s entirety: