911-museum-crossAtheists are suing the National September 11 Memorial & Museum over the display of a large steel cross made from one of the twin towers T-beams. The large 17ft cross became an icon of hope and comfort throughout the recovery in the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks and is slated to be a part of the permanent landscape at Ground Zero‘s new museum, currently under construction.

A national group called American Atheists has begun the legal battle to stop the display of the cross, insisting that religious symbols have no place in the memorial which is backed by public funds. They also assert that the memorial should serve as a monument to all the 911 victims, who represent a varying array of religions – and to those who had no religion at all, as well.

The president of the group, David Silverman, who first filed suit in July of 2011, stated recently that “It is important that it not be displayed to the exclusion of everyone else. This case is about inclusion, it is not about the elimination of religion, it is about the inclusion of everyone.”

Conservative religious groups such as the American Center for Law and Justice have cited the lawsuit as an example of growing anti-Christian sentiment and have filed an amicus brief in support of it’s display.

CNN’s legal analyst, Jeffery Toobin, seems to think the chances of the Atheist’s winning the battle are pretty slim:

“I think the odds of a court ordering the cross removed are literally zero. The museum is not building a place for religious worship, they are preserving a historical relic that was meaningful to a great many people and part of the story of 9/11. When the government is surveying a historic development, the government does not have to exclude religions images and artifacts from its displays.”

In documents to the court, the Museum itself defends it’s continued inclusion of the cross stating that:

“The 9/11 Museum is an independent nonprofit corporation. Its curators’ decisions to display particular objects, such as the Artifact, in the Museum are not state actions to which Constitutional protections apply. There is no legal authority for the proposition that a museum is prohibited from displaying an item with historical, cultural or artistic significance merely because that item also has religious significance.”

Silverman rejected that argument stating “The argument that this is not a religious symbol is asinine and arrogant. They want 9/11 to appear to be an attack on Christianity, and it was not.”


And that’s where the Atheist argument goes cold. Because it was a religious attack, by a widely accepted religious group, Radical Muslims. Radical Muslims who have professed a desire to destroy Christianity. This little tid bit of vital info will eventually find it’s way OUT of our children’s history books because of political correctness which forbids that Muslims take responsibility for any of their deplorable actions. But those of us who remember it, remember why; and as long as we exist, so shall the truth.