prison-sex-changeRobert Kosilek killed his wife and was convicted in 1990. Now living as a female in an all male prison, Michelle Kosilek, as the inmate is now known, was awarded sex-reassignment for a transgender inmate by US District Judge Mark Wolf. While this isn’t the first case of inmates suing for sex change op’s, it is in fact the first successful suit.

Judge Wolf made a note that Kosilek’s condition caused him/her so much anguish that the inmate had tried multiple times to castrate him/herself and tried on two occasions to commit suicide. According to Wolfe, even after hormone therapy, the inmate:

“continues to suffer intense mental anguish. That anguish alone constitutes a serious medical need. It also places him at high risk of killing himself if his major mental illness is not adequately treated.”

[box type=”info”] Sex change operations can cost up to $20,000 – especially since many insurance companies reject the surgery as elective.[/box]

After the judges ruling Kosilek added that he felt:

“Everybody has the right to have their health care needs met, whether they are in prison or out on the streets. People in the prisons who have bad hearts, hips or knees have surgery to repair those things. My medical needs are no less important or more important than the person in the cell next to me.”

U.S. republican lawmakers, as recently as 2008, have filed legislation to ban the use of taxpayer funds to pay for sex therapy or operations for prion inmates. The amendment was stonewalled by a democrat majority.

What do I think? I’ll let this guy answer for me, he says it much better: