christian-girl-blasphemyAn 11-year-old Christian girl has been arrested and jailed by Pakistani officials after local residents accused her of Blasphemy because she burned some pages from a Quran in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. The girl was reportedly using miscellaneous scraps of paper products from various publications to start a fire for cooking and unknowingly included the pages from the Muslim holy text.

The Blasphemy legislation states that it is a crime punishable by death to insult or destroy the Quran, insult Islam in any way, or speak poorly of the Prophet Mohammed. Opponents of the law say it’s being used to persecute religious minorities.

The girl, identified as Rimsha by local media reports, is thought to have Down Syndrome but this has been denied by a local police official, Qasim Niazi, who is in charge of the police station near Ramsha’s home. Niazi said the girl has no mental disorders but she has never attended school and is therefore illiterate.

Ramsha told the officer she didn’t realize pages of the Quran were among the documents she burned.

Officer Niazi reported that a large crowd of 150+ Muslims had formed a mob within the Christian neighborhood were Ramsha lives, threatening to burn down houses and that many Christian families living nearby had fled fearing violence against them by the Muslim mob.

According to Niazi:

“The mob wanted to burn the girl to give her a lesson.”

Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari, in a politically motivated statement due to  worldwide interest in the incident, stated that “society must be protected from any misuse of the Blasphemy law,” and has insisted on urgent updates pertaining to the matter.

The presidents spokesman, Farhatullah Babar, mirrored the presidents politically correct sentiments, stating:

“Blasphemy by anyone cannot be condoned but no one will be allowed to misuse blasphemy law for settling personal scores.”

Christians only comprise 1% of the population of Islamic nations, with about 2 million that call Pakistan home.

end of facts, beginning of opinion:

The true crime here is the fact that this 11 year old child has never attended school, and she’s not alone. It’s estimated that 6.5 million children in Pakistan do not go to school, while 72% of the school-going children left the school by fifth class and 28% before that. Most of them forced to work to keep from starving to death, because the adults are too busy squabbling over religion. How do the Pakistani officials expect a little girl who can’t read to tell the difference between the pages of a Quran and the pages of any other book? The damned pictures?

Honestly Pakistan, you’ve got a little girl imprisoned for burning pages out of a book; an inanimate object. What kind of religion sets itself on a mantel, to be more important than human life? A religion that demands DEATH to anyone who even slightly insults it’s scriptures or founder? I understand the symbolism involved, really I do; I’d hate to see someone burning a Christian bible, or an American flag, but still, it’s not worth destroying a young innocent life over. She’s ELEVEN for …. em hm … Christ’s sake!

And these aren’t what’s referred to as “radical Jihad” type Muslims here, folks. These are the normal ones, not the guys who strap on bombs and blow themselves and innocent people to kingdom come all in the name of their Allah. No, these are the ones your friends defend so passionately as “the regular Muslims.” The ones we here in the States are obligated to bow down to or be considered bigots by rule of our over abundance of PC.

Islam, you prove yourself worthy of ridicule on a daily basis, yet our leaders lavish your ranks with gestures of appeasement and take your pathetic indignation so seriously that they’re willing to turn their backs on their own affiliations to come to your defense. The very fact that leaders worldwide, including and especially, here in the United States, embrace Islam so fervently – even though Islam is a “religion” of ignorance without respect for the sanctity of life, compassion for innocence,  nor tolerance of other religions, such as Christianity – proves just how easily people, including the “higher learned” political types, can become engrossed in such a devious and diabolical ideology.

Shame on Islam for mistreating this little girl. She should be released at once and offered an education. Or is she too “Christian” for you to waste the time and expense on?

This … from a bunch who demands the moon and stars here in America; a bunch that screams racism or bigot if they don’t get everything they want – while they let their own native children grow up illiterate because they’re not Muslim’s.

It’s despicable to the degree of damnation.

Check out page 2 if you’d like to view the CNN video coverage on this story …