joe-biden-idiotSpeaking to a crowd of supporters in Virginia on Tuesday, many of which were African-American, vice president Joe Biden, obviously inebriated, said that Mitt Romney “is going to put y’all back in chains. and got away with it. I’m not sure if the press realizes that Biden is not in his right mind and treats him with kid gloves, or if it’s just because Biden is a democrat, but one things for sure: had Mitt Romney spoke the same words that Biden spoke, he would be crucified by the press.

“He is going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain Wall Street. He is going to put y’all back in chains.”

I particularly love the way Biden is attempting to sound “hip” and “gangster” in his speech, obviously another racist tendency of his; to assume that a crowd would prefer to be talked to like they are street thugs in Chicago, simply because there are black people present:


But it’s Romney who’s being accused of racism, specifically by MSNBC’s Touré Neblett who on Thursday’s The Cycle accused presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of using what he called “niggerization” against Barack Obama.



And now, after getting set straight about using the N-word on t.v. Touré has apologized in a twelve second lukewarm remark that in all actuality wasn’t an apology to Romney, but simply an apology for using the N-word:



This is what “bigotized” black people like Touré do, they inject racism and hatred into their remarks and their ideologies on a daily basis. The white man is out to get them, everything that’s wrong is because of white people, and white people are the scourge of the earth. For once, couldn’t we all just be American’s? And that goes double for you … MISTER president.

As for Joe Biden and his gift for putting his foot in his mouth, I’m actually quite giddy about the upcoming vice presidential debate which will be a thing of beauty, as Biden trips over his tongue against a very charismatic and sharp Paul Ryan. Look for Biden to become “severely ill” just prior to the debate, or for some other lie to develop which will excuse the vice pres from showing up and humiliating his boss, which he has a tendency to do on a regular basis.

Vice Presidential Debate

Paul Ryan VS Joe Biden on October 11th in Danville, Kentucky