Nidal Hasan Beard

Accused Murdered & Muslim Nidal Hasan

As I predicted less than a week ago, the trial of Maj. Nidal Hasan, the radical Muslim charged with killing 13 soldiers and wounding 32 others at a Fort Hood military base where soldiers were preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq in November 2009 has been halted indefinitely by a military appeals court over a judge’s threat to forcibly shave the suspect, against his Muslim religious beliefs.

The presiding judge, Col. Gregory Gross, had previously warned Hasan and his defense team that army regulations did not permit the suspect from appearing in court with a beard. The judge had previously found Hasan in contempt of court after he appeared with the beard on two separate occasions after being instructed to shave. Gross informed Hasan and his defense that if the suspect didn’t voluntarily shave prior to the August 20th trial date, he would be forcibly shaved.

Hasan’s attorney’s filed an injunction with the Armed Forces U.S. Court of Appeals, stating in the letter:

“He does not wish to die without a beard as he believes not having a beard is a sin.”

This trial has been postponed by the defense a number of times from March, to June, to now August and the defense had once again asked the court to defer the hearing until December but Gross had refused and set Monday as the new trial date. This latest stay will actually halt the case against Hasan with no set date to resume proceedings.

Hasan’s defense also asked for something very unusual in a July hearing, which was refused by judge Gross as well –  all correspondence, memos and records of meetings of President Barack Obama regarding the shootings. That according to American-Statesman Staff member Jeremy Schwartz which he included in a recent article found here. I emailed Jeremy for clarification last week, but as of yet have received no reply.

End facts, begin opinion:

Do I really have to say it? You already know don’t you? Our government is more concerned with this scum’s religious “feelings” than they are with the feelings of the families of the 13 heroic patriots he slaughtered like animals, shooting them in the back like a coward.

If Allah is really more concerned with Hasan’s facial hair, and if that’s a sin, cutting it off, rather than the murdering of innocent human beings, which Allah obviously condones, then Allah and his followers have no place in the United States of America.

Unfortunately, this case is indicative of the path  of political correctness that our elected leaders are now taking in regards to Muslims, both benign and radical Muslims such as Hasan, of which there really is no way to tell apart until they pull the rip cord on their suicide vest.

Radical Islam is running this country. Welcome, to the land of Allah.