Mitt Romney prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Mitt Romney surprised a few people on Sunday, including some of his very own staff, during his visit to Israel – when he requested a trip to the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City during the annual Tisha B’Av commemorating the destruction of the first and second ancient Jerusalem temples – one of the most significant Jewish religious sites in the world and one of Israel’s most sacred religious holidays.

With Romney’s entourage close by his side the group made their way along the road to the temples fully flanked by Israeli soldiers – heavily armed with automatic rifles and body armor, weary of looming dangers from Hamas led Palestine that the U.S. presidential hopefuls presence created. As they moved along in the blistering heat of mid-day the crowd of curious Israeli onlookers grew larger and larger the closer they came to the sacred site.


Jerusalem’s Western Wall

Twenty yards from the ancient temple walls Romney and the now bulging crowd stopped at the foot of a well worn, sandy pathway which lead directly to the Western Wall – the former Governor at last catching his first glimpse of  the remains of a world long ago lost and in many cases forgotten.

Romney turned to face two Rabbi’s who had accompanied his party – one of them placing a black yarmulke on Romney’s head. The three men then turned and traversed along the pathway to the wall amid roaring applause and sh0uts of support from the large, gathered crowd. After viewing a prayer book with the Rabbi’s, Romney stepped toward the ancient wall, bowed his head and stood silent for more than 60 seconds, eventually  placing a prayer in a crevice of the stone wall.

Romney then returned to his assembly to a tearful display of hugs and handshakes from his own crew and various Israeli citizens. A tiny old Jewish woman in the crowd, Mrs. Channah Nebi, who had just witnessed Romney’s prayer, eventually reached out and grabbed the left hand of Romney as he was passing by in the crowd, pulling – almost yanking him down head level with her so she could whisper into his ear, “This is the campaign for American Jews.

It was in that moment that Mitt Romney went from being the guy who had my vote, to the leader who had my respect.

America needs Mitt Romney and to extrapolate on that point, the world needs Mitt Romney. The last 3.5 years of Obama’s mishandling and downright intentional sabotaging of foreign policy in regards to the middle east is being seen daily with violence and human rights abuses escalated like no other time in world history. If the world is forced to absorb another 4 years of his pro-islam agenda – I doubt earth, let alone America, will ever fully recover.

Please stand with me in supporting Mitt Romney for president. He’s not perfect, he’s not a miracle worker. But in order to get back to where we once were we must first slow down our current course and eventually come to a complete stop, and then begin to turn and at some point, probably many generations from now, finally begin moving toward restoring American Sovereignty. We didn’t lose it overnight and we can’t reclaim it overnight. The only way to get back to that is to  begin electing leaders who want what’s best for America, not what’s best for their hidden personal agenda’s.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Ed Brown is the managing editor of City Publishing Group and editor-in-chief of DCX. His experience in U.S. politics spans 25 years with 10 of those most recent years focused on U.S. foreign affairs in the middle east, with added emphasis on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.[/author_info] [/author]