Romney & Netanyahu Reunion

There are times when I’m absolutely embarrassed to refer to myself or my organization as U.S. media. The depths to which the mainstream news outlets will stoop to catch the ass drippings of a democrat, socialist president are absolutely limitless. Case in point their shunning of an historical moment this past weekend when presumed republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stopped to visit his old friend, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. But what does Obama’s big brother-esque “ministry of truth” news media report on? Some whining, sniveling Palestinian(hamas) PUNK who got his little terrorist too-too in a wad because Romney slammed his piece of shit country’s GDP and drew contrast between the household incomes of Israeli’s and Palestinians. If you’d prefer the  “un-obamanized” version, read on:

It was all smiles, handshakes and even a hug or two between old friends Mitt Romney and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday as the two reaffirmed a strong commitment to like minded U.S. and Israeli interests. The two men once worked together at Boston Consulting and developed a life long friendship which was obvious from the heart warming reception Governor Romney received. But that relationship aside, Benjamin Netanyahu is just glad to see a friendly American face; the deplorable treatment he and his country has received in the past 3.5 years of Barack Obama’s presidency has been utterly mind numbing. At one point the Prime Minster during a visit to Washington was even ushered into the White House using a rear servants entrance.

(que the black thunderstorm clouds of Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama …. du du du duuuuuuuuum)

But instead of covering the facts the U.S. media picked up and ran with a little side story surrounding a comment that Romney made in regards to Israeli vs. Palestinians income: the latter being severely low in comparison to Israeli households, which enjoy an average $21,000 yearly income. In his remarks former Governor Romney made it clear he thought the difference was reflective of the vastly different cultures and he’s absolutely correct; the Israeli’s welcoming peace and tranquility – the Hamas led Palestinians (or at least their terrorist led government) hurling rockets over the fence into southern Israel on a near weekly basis attempting to destroy what little hope of peace remains. It’s extremely difficult for the citizens of a country to build wealth when their leaders are engaged in terrorist activity, just look at the U.S. for a great example; our wealth is being pumped out to middle eastern countries who support radical islam on a daily basis. Don’t believe me? Explain then why Barack Obama overruled congress in April of this VERY YEAR, sidestepping a congressional ban on funding Palestine, and sent that Hamas led country a check for $192,000,000 (to be clear let me write that amount out for you: one hundred and ninety two million dollars) Not congress, not the senate, not the treasurer —– Barack Obama, on his signature, sent these funds to a terrorist led country named PALESTINE.

A top Palestinian labeled Romney’s analysis as “racist” most likely because the current U.S. president is their little puppet who has his hand in the American cookie jar; wouldn’t you try to keep the guy in if he was sending you checks for mega millions? Which Barack Obama just did in April and will again if he’s re-elected.

Senior Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod weighed in on Twitter: “Is there anything about Romney’s Rolling Ruckus that would inspire confidence in his ability to lead US foreign policy?” attempting to rake Romney over the coals for the income inequality comment claiming it’s Romney’s lack of experience in foreign affairs that causes such “newsworthy” blunders. Ahhh, dipstick your president just 10 years ago was a “community organizer,” of a community, Chicago, which is currently as about as unorganized as a community can get and also a community that’s about 10 murders away from having the national guard called in to police the streets. The last man on earth who deserves a big head over foreign or domestic policy in regards to what’s best for American’s, is Barack Obama. He may be the best thing since sliced bread for his muslim brotherhood connections, but we the people back in rural America are TAKING IT UP THE ASS! Checked your wallet or your freedoms lately? They’re growing smaller.

Obama’s little boot licking media also failed to give due coverage to the celebratory welcoming Romney received from Netanyahu personally, which was more reminiscent of a homecoming than a visit. After all the formal events, Romney and wife Ann spent the evening breaking a holiday fast with the Netanyahu family in their home.

Make no mistake, Israel and her leaders are pro-Romney. They know, and have been assured, that a Romney presidency means solidarity in regards to the threat that Iran poses to Israel as well as the rest of the world. I would also imagine that President Romney would put an end to the funding of Hamas led Palestine, a bad habit that our current president refuses to give up.

What do the Israeli’s think of Barack Obama?

A Shaul Rosenfeld op-ed on the website Sunday declared: “More than Israel, the US and the West need Romney in the White House, they need Obama out. Because as a second-term president, he may become an immortal hero of the Chinese, Russians, and Islamists.”