michigan-fake-IDYesterday we reported on the Bulgarian Suicide Bomb attack aboard an Israeli tour bus. The suicide bomber who killed 6 others as well as himself on Wednesday in the Bulgarian bus bombing carried a fake Michigan ID, that according to both Bulgarian and U.S. officials. But why would a crazed suicide bomber be carrying ID, fake or otherwise, from Michigan. While it’s true that you can get a fake ID from any place in the world, it’s also true that in order to use a fake ID for a particular state, you must GO there. It makes no sense to acquire a fake ID for a place you never intend to visit. Moreover, it would make more sense for a person who spends quite a bit of time in a particular geographic area to have and hold the ID because they would get more use from it’s possession. In short, the suicide bomber had business in Michigan, or he wouldn’t have been in possession or went to the trouble of getting the ID. But why Michigan?

According to DCX journalist Sheila Foust, and citing her original report from August 2011, which was updated just recently in May of this year, Islamic Terrorist Camps In USA, Michigan is one of the most heavily reinforced radical Islam holdouts in the entire United States of America. The following maps, which I borrowed from Sheila’s report, forewarned of just such occurrences more than a year ago:





These maps show the 4 main factions of radical Islam headquartered squarely in Michigan. Notice the reference to Gama Islamiya. It was just last month that we brought a report to you about a member of the terror organization Gama Islamiya visiting our white house, invited by the state department even though he was on a blacklist for visa’s into our country.

Notice the references also to Hezbollah and Hamas, and finally the kingpin reference to the Muslim Brotherhood, a faction of terror which was fully supported by the Obama administration during the ousting of Morsi Mubarak in Egypt, which resulted in that group coming to power there.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s not a terror group you say? Check your sources. The Brotherhood is responsible entirely for creating the Hamas organization, and any group that creates terror org’s are themselves a terror org. I’m sure there’s some brilliant liberals who would like to argue against that common sense assumption, who would love to teach me a lesson of political correctness when referencing their precious muslim brotherhood, but you’re wrong. The muslim brotherhood is nothing more than a bunch of overgrown thugs who talk peace out of once side of their mouths while screaming kill the infidels out of the other. They are the personification of radical islam trash and the sooner the world dispenses with them the sooner we can get back to NOT getting blown up.

Michigan is a hot bed of terror activity and it’s no surprise to me that a suicide bomber appeared on the horizon who has been trained, in all likelihood, right in Lansing or Dearborn Michigan. Sheila Foust posted it over a year ago. Consider it a forewarning of impending events, especially if Barack Obama is re-elected in November, because as of January 2013, if someone doesn’t stop him,  he will be Sequestering Defense spending to the tune of $6 billion over 10 years.

As always, a democrat president who runs his campaign on ending wars and cutting defense spending does half of what they promise; they cut the defense funding, but ramp up their use of the military. Bill Clinton had spread the military to it’s thinnest point ever while at the same time slicing the spending allocations for defense. Barack Obama is doing, or planning to do the same, if re-elected.

With cuts like that, we won’t be able to afford much protection from these terrorists who are camping out right in our own backyards.

Wake up citizen. It’s time to take out the trash, before the trash takes us out.



Video of suspected Bulgarian Israeli Tour Bus Bombing attacker. Guy looks Caucasian to me, possibly wearing a wig. It’s become a popular tactic lately for radical islamist’s to use fair complected westerners to carry out their sick, twisted plots of death and destruction, because they assume the fair skinned people are allowed to go and come at will without being searched. At the same time, Caucasian recruiting efforts to the muslim faith have skyrocketed in recent years. Radicals refer to it as “soft jihad”.  I doubt the people on that bus that exploded would refer to it as “soft.”