nigerian-christians-sOn Tuesday, Ayo Oritsejafor, president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, in a blunt appeal before the U.S. Congress, called on the U.S. to declare the radical Islamist group Boko Haram, whose name translated is “Western education is forbidden,” an officially recognized terrorist organization, a desperate plea which fell on deaf ears in our nations capital.

U.S. officials lead by assistant secretary of state for African affairs Johnnie Carson countered the plea for assistance with the comment “it’s more important to address social inequalities in the region.”

On June 21st the U.S. did take measures to blacklist 3 of Boko Haram‘s most prominent leaders, but Oritsejafor says the move amounts to too little too late, and was the “equivalent of designating (Osama) bin Laden a terrorist but failing to designate Al-Qaeda a terrorist organization.”

The Christian leaders says that by refusing to brand the Boko Haram organization as terrorists it has actually emboldened the group, which is estimated to have slaughtered more than 1,000 people since 2009 in attacks on Christian and government facilities.

Standing on foreign soil in the U.S.  capital addressing the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Oritsejafor did NOT sugar coat his remarks:

“By refusing to designate Boko Haram as a foreign terrorist organization, the United States is sending a very clear message, not just to the federal government of Nigeria, but to the world that the murder of innocent Christians and Muslims who reject Islamism — and I make a clear distinction here between Islam and Islamism — are acceptable losses. It is hypocritical for the United States and the international community to say that they believe in freedom and equality when their actions do not support those who are being persecuted.”

Oritsejafor said Boko Haram sought “an end to Western influence and a removal of the Christian presence in Nigeria,” telling the US lawmakers, “My people are dying every day” but assistant secretary of state for African affairs Johnnie Carson told the hearing that Boko Haram was not a solidified nor organized group and that at most the group sought to embarrass or discredit the government. Carson said the terrorist designation made sense for the three leaders — Abubakar Shekau, Abubakar Adam Kambar and Khalid al-Barnawi — due to links to Al-Qaeda, but that it would be counterproductive to target the entire movement.

Carson then somewhat sidestepped his earlier comments with this remark: “Boko Haram thrives because of social and economic problems in the north that the government must find a way of addressing”, which tends to leave one guessing if the group is actually as he first asserted and just a bunch of unorganized thugs, or if his later remark in which he claims the group is “thriving” would be more accurate.

One things for certain, the Chicago native Carson insists on leaving out the fact that Nigerian Christians have been the target of numerous violent terrorist attacks; just this past April a Christian church conducting an Easter service was targeted by a car bombing that left 39 dead. Ahead of that Easter attack, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) issued a press release expressing “deep concern” about threats from Boko Haram before the Christian holiday and described the group as espousing “an extreme and violent interpretation of Islam.”. On Christmas Day of last year, Boko Haram attacked 5 separate Christian churches leaving more than 40 people dead. Yet, the Obama administration does what it does best; forsakes Christians while adding credibility and clout to radical islam.

Carson then even went to bat for Boko Haram saying that some Nigerian officials have taken to blaming the group for all incidents in the region that are the work of “criminals and political thugs,” implying that Boko Haram terrorists are not criminals nor political thugs.

A designation as a foreign terrorist organization would trigger a full US government response against Boko Haram, freezing any assets it holds in the United States and making support of the group a crime. This video is Carson explaining, or at least attempting to explain, why Boko Haram should not be considered a threat to Christians in Nigeria:

“While some seek to inflame Muslim-Christian tensions, Nigeria’s ethnic and religious diversity, like our own in this country, is a source of strength, not weakness,” he added, “and there are many examples across Nigeria of communities working across religious lines to protect one another.”

Several lawmakers of the Republican Party have criticized Barack Obama’s administration for not blacklisting Boko Haram, but criticism doesn’t save lives nor does it apparently have any political effect on this  current administrations devotion to all things Islam. Representative Chris Smith, who chaired the hearing, said that Boko Haram had a goal of imposing Islamic sharia law. He questioned the reluctance in targeting “an organization that is claiming responsibility for horrific acts of violence which appears to have at its core a radical Islamic position.

I wonder how long it would take the Obama administration to come to the aid of the Muslim Brotherhood if that group was being massacred by Christians. Oh wait, that could never happen, because Christians practice tolerance as taught by Jesus Christ, unlike Islamic trash who incite violence, murder and horrific bloodshed.

Pay attention here folks … this stuff MATTERS. If we put this guy back into office for another 4 years, we’re gonna be neck deep in these islamic groups here at home. It will be OUR dead Christian children splattered all over the walls of our churches. If you don’t see the pattern he’s laid or the influence that the islam religion has on Barack Obama, you obviously haven’t been paying attention or you refuse to shake free from the shackles of partisan politics. I encourage you to arm yourself with the truth because the upcoming election is going to decide the long term direction in which this country is headed.