A bold and original animated music video calling for Obama to “GET OUT,” was released on Tuesday by nationally known speaker and adoption advocate, Ryan Bomberger, according to the Christian Newswire.  It was created through the newly launched www.SoOutLoud.com. The two minute long video, complete with a jingle that’s infectiously hilarious, adds a creative punch to the slew of political ads for the 2012 presidential election. It calls for a kind of people’s executive order that demands Obama’s departure due to flagrant violations of the Constitution, encouraging people to vote out Obama in the upcoming and pivotal November elections.

Bomberger is also known for his role as founder of The Radiance Foundation. The organization has a life-affirming focus that has become a major threat to Planned Parenthood with its bold www.TooManyAborted.com campaigns, and has launched the separate endeavor, www.SoOutLoud.com, to more freely deal with political issues that are outside of the scope of its nonprofit role.

“I’m as black as Obama, and I’m tired of any legitimate criticism of the President’s policy [being]reduced to ludicrous charges of racism. Obama and the Democrat party have been recklessly defying our Constitution with a whole lot of hope and change that most Americans do not want,” Bomberger explains. “It’s our duty to hold our government accountable. Both parties are guilty of diminishing the Constitution with thousands of pieces of legislation that only put layers of separation between Americans and our guaranteed Constitutional liberties. The Democrats — the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, anti-women’s suffrage movement, the KKK, abortion, and generational welfare–is also the party of reconstruction as it dangerously dismantles the Constitution. This video just says out loud what many others are feeling.”

Bomberger is an avid writer and a multiple award-winning creative professional who considers himself an equal-opportunity-scrutinizer. As a conservative who upholds famed orator Frederick Douglass (a Republican) as a profound source of inspiration, he’s determined to create messaging that’s fearless, factual, and freeing.

Bomberger is an adoptee and adoptive father who has a deeply personal understanding of justice. “Frederick Douglass embraced and wielded the power of agitation. Who can stand still when the very Constitution that removed our shackles is being abused, every day, to put American people in bondage?”

www.SoOutLoud.com was founded by Ryan Bomberger, a creative agitator, to deal with social, political and faith-based issues. Through powerful and original media, he reveals the truth in fun, hard-hitting, and evocative ways. He is an Emmy® Award-winning creative professional who is passionate about people and helping those in need.