palestine-rocket-attacksPalestinian militants in Gaza fired a rocket into southern Israel today. Fortunately the device fell in an unpopulated area near the Eshkol region, and reports indicate there were no casualties or property damage from the attack. Later, reports surfaced that Gaza based Palestinian gunmen opened fire on vehicles and buildings in the southern Israel Yad Mordechai kibbutz area, without causing any injuries but sizable property damage.

These types of hostile and belligerent “blind lobbing” attacks and bullet spraying of parked cars by armed Palestinian henchmen have become a regular occurrence in Israel, propagated by the Hamas controlled Palestinian State which just received a large payday thanks to the Obama administration. In April of this year Obama overrode a Congressional ban on financial aid to the terrorist sponsoring Palestinian territory and succeeded in securing and sending $192,000,000 in U.S. funds to the country who is the sworn enemy of Israel. SOURCE

Rockets cost money, so do bullets and so do the salaries of armed thugs. These unprovoked Palestinian attacks were prominent during the month of June, eventually inciting Israel to retaliate with air strikes – killing 15 Palestinians. Drawing a line between the flow of money to the Islam extremists is as simple as making a B-line, direct to Washington, D.C.



Israel Stikes back with Air Raid on Hamas Held Gaza

July 10, 2012 –

Overnight, the Israeli Air Force executed an air raid in response to the above reported rocket attack.

An air force plane attacked two bases of Hamas terrorist activity in the southern Gaza Strip,” the Israeli armed forces said in a statement.