Six U.S. Soldiers were killed today by an improvised explosive device roadside bomb attack in Eastern Afghanistan according to the International Security Assistance Force. The ISAF didn’t immediately name their nationalities, but later in Washington an official confirmed the dead were Americans. ISAF deferred identification of the casualties to their home country.

This brings the total number of international fatalities for this year  to at least 234, with 171 of those being American Forces (including these 6).

NATO forces are in Afghanistan fighting Taliban Islamist who are particularly fond of  using improvised bombs which account for a large number of overall NATO casualties. Taliban insurgents have claimed responsibility for this attack, but that is unofficial as of 5pm. Taliban fighters are usually eager to claim all instances of NATO deaths in the region, even when the casualties occur because of other factors such as mechanical failure or the actions of other radical groups.

For a list of all U.S. Soldiers killed in Afghanistan this year, please see our War Deaths Repository. This list is complete as of June 30. It should be noted that there are 2 soldiers who’ve lost their lives already in the month of July, besides these 6 being reported on today, but our database hasn’t been updated to reflect July’s causualties. All July casualties will be listed during the first week of August.