ministers admonish americaNot that there hasn’t been some expectation among those watching current events that something is going down in the near future, but when it appears that God is accentuating it through religious leaders, there’s an added element of sobriety to it. There’s a knee-jerk reaction, of course, to consider the source and track record – especially the track record. While this most recent messenger isn’t particularly well known, he isn’t hiding his track record.

According to the Christian Newswire on Saturday, Dr. David Owuor is a minister noted as being recognized by many who are associated with the global church as the Lord’s end-time prophet. Owuor recently stated live in a packed Toronto Canada pastor’s conference on April 29, 2012 that “judgment is about to fall in America“, and a “very dark day is going to dawn.” Specifically, the prophet said that he heard, “Philadelphia and saw a tall building with smoke.”

Why this is just now making its way to the press was not mentioned. Nevertheless, Owuor also apparently said that, “These are the days of distress prophesied and seen by Daniel the prophet in Daniel 12:1.”

Owuor went on to quote 2 Chronicles 7:14, connecting it as being directed toward America and out of God’s love for America and His desire for America to return to her Christian heritage: “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and turn away from sin, I will hear.”

The Christian Newswire also notes that on August 23, 2011, Dr. David Owuor warned specifically of the U.S. earthquake live on five hours before the shocking earthquake that struck Washington D.C., and the east coast of the United States.

In addition, he prophesied judgment to the United States southern coast in July 2005 several weeks before hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans repeating the call to repentance from sexual sin, lying, and the prosperity gospel. See the video of the Prophet’s exact words dated July 20th, 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya here.

Then as now, Owuor is admonishing America that the Lord is calling for national repentance in the United States, from the White House, Stock Exchanges and Hollywood to the politicians, corporate leaders, and especially the church (the bride of Christ). This call to repentance by Dr. Owuor was given live on air, on and recorded here.

Pastor Lupo of Maryland Altar says, “given that the Prophet speaks for the Lord, and his accuracy and message of repentance and of holiness is evidence thereof (Deuteronomy 13:1 and Deuteronomy 18:15) America should soberly and solemnly receive the national call to repentance.”

Dr. Owuor’s fulfilled prophecies can be verified online for free at  and

Another leader who is relatively well known among Christians and who has been given a warning for America is Rick Joyner. Joyner received what he believes is a God-given message in a dream.  To check out the video about that, click here.

Interestingly, David Wilkerson had a rather intense vision about America’s future way back in 1973. Part of the vision includes economic calamity.  That message can be checked out here. He also goes into great detail about the great falling away among the church from God’s Word in these last days in this video.

Prepare the Way, the Messiah is coming!