randall terry split democrat voteRandall Terry, Democratic challenger to President Obama in several primaries across the United States, will be running as an Independent in several key states in the general election.

The goal is to cause Obama to lose several swing states by cutting into his Catholic and Evangelical Democrat and Independent base.


Also, Mr. Terry will introduce his VP running mate, to the press and the public at the following time and location:

When: Tuesday, May 29, 1:30 P.M.

Where: The Dubliner, 4 F Street, Washington, DC 20001

Randall Terry’s campaign has been gaining attention through hundreds of TV ads showing the gruesome remains of babies killed by abortion across 15 states. His name has appeared on the presidential primary ballots in New Hampshire, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, Mr. Terry’s TV ad campaign helped him carry 18% of the Democratic vote in a closed primary; he beat Obama in 12 counties. Mr. Terry will run similar ads before the general election 2012, declaring: “If you vote for Obama, you empower him to murder babies and attack the Church.” The Terry campaign believes that this is Obama’s Achilles’ heel which could cost him the election.

Randall Terry states: “Thanks be to God, we have found a vice-presidential candidate for the general election, someone with courage, clarity, and a proven track record of service to God and His babies.”

Terry added that, “My running mate and I will be running in several key states with the plan to show at least 40 million Americans the horrifying truth about Obama promoting child killing, and attacking the Church.”

Randall Terry vowed that, “I promise you this: my running mate will make waves for the babies. Together we will use the rule of FCC law TV ads to show Obama’s crimes against humanity, and his attack on religious liberty. Hopefully, this will help bring Obama’s defeat in the general election. The babies’ mangled bodies are the greatest testimony that abortion is murder, and that Obama is a child killing tyrant.”

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