coffins-of-us-soldiers-memorial day 2012This is an image you don’t see on the nightly news much anymore but just because our corrupt government wants to keep American Citizens desensitized and in the dark doesn’t mean the coffins stop coming. Since 2001 there have been 1,827 such flag draped caskets  sent back from Afghanistan to the U.S. Wounded in action numbers total 15,460. Also, one U.S. soldier is currently being held as a prisoner of war since July 1, 2009.

While we are busy on this Memorial Day Remembering The Service & Sacrifice of Those Who Have Given Their Lives For Our Country I want to ask you to stop and ask yourself why you continue to accept the injustice and deprivation of freedom that we Americans continue to endure from the criminals running our country. These brave young soldiers didn’t go overseas and lay down their lives so that we Citizens could be further railroaded into “MANDATED HEALTHCARE” or similar freedom robbing abominations of THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. They did it so we would remain “FREE.”

I’m afraid freedom is a word which is quickly losing it’s fundamental definition due largely to the generational brainwashing of being born into the current system of legislation, taxation, permitting and licensing.  Make no mistake my fellow Citizen, freedom can’t and won’t exist in the same room as the word MANDATORY. Freedom can’t tolerate the deprivation of Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights such as the right to own property without paying a yearly rent, which every single homeowner in this country is currently doing. There’s no freedom in being taxed and fined and licensed to death and every time some new bill is introduced by a crooked Washington politician, or as King Obama likes to refer to them, PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS, we lose another freedom and the blood that is shed on our behalf by our troops is dripped a little more in vain. Each time another family has to bury their 20 year old solider and experience the agony of that loss the injustices being perpetrated on our country by the Washington elite players club become more and more egregious in comparison.

These brave soliders have done all they can do; they’ve given up their lives, their futures, their families. It’s now time for us, we the people, the American Citizens, you and I,  to finally, once and for all take the steps necessary to reclaim what has been stripped from us by the political elite: our constitutional sovereignty. If you aren’t familiar with that term, google it, because within the crevices of those two words lies the answer to restoring our republic and with it, The American Dream.