matt taibbi im glad breitbart is dead

Matt Taibbi

What is the deal with political extremists? I recently wrote about Ron Paul‘s refusal to sign a Bill that would allow the U.S. to continue bolstering the Israeli military, and some Ron Paul-bot whack job attacked me personally, using vulgarity and disparaging comments instead of simply stating his opinion. In doing so he brought harm to his own campaign for R.P.

This “journalistic” douche pictured to the left, Matt Taibbi, obviously a political extremist for the left wing crowd,  is a “contributing editor” for the liberal fish wrap Rolling Stone magazine. He recently wrote a story titled Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche” and in the opening paragraph stated, “ So Andrew Breitbart is dead.” “Good!Fuck him. I couldn’t be happier that he’s dead,” and then goes on to explain how Breitbart himself would be proud of such a comment. Taibbi then spends a few hundred more words explaining that Breitbart was beneath him, but then again, “it was pretty awesome when Breitbart did xxxxxx” as if he were some sort of heart broken little kid left orphaned by his once heroic father figure Breitbart. Regardless of the “i’m glad he’s dead” jolt, the entire article is truly a work of liberal art which really doesn’t fit the title. If the article was named after it’s contents it should have been titled: Andrew Breitbart was my mack daddy teacher who kicked ass and whom I adored and now I’m bored without him.”

The conspiracy theories in this piece of “work” by Taibbi are endless, with him stating that Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh had once conspired against him in an attempt to misidentify him(taibbi) as a liberal. Then he goes on to claim that fans of Breitbart have conspired against him, hacking into things, calling Rolling Stone(d) en masse demanding his head on a platter, and posting his private information for the world to see; breaking into his apartment and eating all of his hot pockets or … WHATEVER! It’s the world vs. Matt Taibbi according to … well, Matt Taibbi.

Just like Taibbi gave credit to Breibart in his article, I’m gonna give the same professional benefit of the doubt to Taibbi: He’s a blogger, plain and simple, and we bloggers thrive on clicks and comments. Do I think Taibbi is actually thrilled about the death of his hero Breitbart? Absolutely not … to the contrary I feel that Taibbi will sorely miss sparing with Breitbart and now actually has less to write about. To his credit, the original article on Rolling Dung, I mean Stone, has had nearly 8k fb shares, so congrats Matt, you’re intentional shocking article displaying  happiness at the death of another human being has gotten you further up the ladder of fame and fortune, not to mention the  jack ass hall of fame. But deep down inside of you … away from the desire for celebrity and popularity beats the broken heart of a lonely, silly little man who is less of everything he strives to be … without Andrew Breitbart.

Taibbi’s article, which appeared on March 1 of this year, can be found here, and I include this purely as a source reference. If you have a colonoscopy scheduled for the a.m. it’s preferred reading, otherwise you may want to skip it.