romney_obamaI am getting flak from several sycophants (the polite word for idiots)who are excited about Mitt Romney‘s “wins” tonight. They claim that any vote not for Mittens is a vote for Barack Obama. Well that’s what I heard four years ago about John McCain. So I held my nose, “hoping” Sarah Palin could at least “change” the Senate as its President …and the RNC proceeded to lose the election, fail to contest the voter fraud, ignore the American people’s votes and commitment to restore our nation. They couldn’t muster the will, never mind the votes to defeat the un-vetted, neophyte “Senator from Illinois” and his thuJohn McCain official photo at ACORN, the Chicago machine and SEIU (among other socialists and revolutionaries). For those that bothered to check, McCain, as bad as he might have been, could have won. He won the popular vote. He won more counties and more districts than Obeyme. All he had to do was fight to win! But he played the game, went along to get along (ie keep his Senate seat after he lost), and gave up like he was supposed to.

So four years ago 54 million “dumb masses” nominated and then elected a Muslim collaborator, Manchurian candidate who has every intention to destroy and defeat America… to hand our nation and every surviving slave in it to a cabal of terrorists and plundering warlords. He hasn’t quite finished the job yet, but he’s well on his way. Another four years as the Usurper-in-control and he’ll probably turn over the keys to the White House to its new owners. [And it won’t be anyone you’ll like.]

Now the Progressive elites at the RNC, their cheerleaders in the media and the other “dumb masses” who vote based on “good hair” and a smile that covers the willful lies …want me to do it all again. They want me to vote for their choice (not mine) because they say so, because that’s the “deal” they made, in a rigged election …which they expect to lose!! (well, maybe keep the House, but probably not the Senate and certainly not the Presidency. We couldn’t do that now!!)
And their sycophants are upset because they claim if I don’t vote as they say it’ll be like voting for the enemy. Well, they’ve already surrendered to the enemy. They gave up years ago; and do you know what’s changed in the past four years? For them, nothing!! They’re still playing second fiddle to the Progressive tune. They’re cashing in as best they can before the bottom falls out of the currency and the markets. They’re accepting the credit-rate drop. They’re quibbling over crumbs and whose name will go on a Post Office or a memorial bridge. They won’t even demand that the enemy produce his documentation to prove he isn’t an illegal alien. Hell, he could be Mohammed in a suit for all they know. And what’s more, they really don’t care! “There’s nothing we can do” is their whine.

Well, that’s not all I can do. And voting for the latest sucker isn’t one of the things I intend to do.

So if that upsets or offends you, unfriend me. Sorry I wasted your time. If you think I’ve sold out and I’m un-American, believe whatever the hell you want. You believe the lies already, so why not one more! If that’s “just the worst thing you can imagine”, then you have no imagination. And I hope G-d has mercy on you when Obama and his terrorist friends get done with you. You won’t need any imagination then. You’ll see the destruction, the pillaging, the murders first hand. You may be one of the victims… or worse, one of the slaves.

But if you believe in the principles, philosophy, moral foundations and spiritual trust and faith upon which America has been built; if you believe there MUST BE a way against all the odds; if the word “surrender” is not in your vocabulary; if the password “victory or death” rings true in your heart and mind as it did for Washington; if you are willing and able to put on the full armor of G-d and fight to win… then you’re welcome to stick around. I’ll be proud to call you friend and we can fight together for all that’s good and true and right about America.

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