Hillary Clinton Drunk Dancing

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According to insider sources close to the presidential entourage, Hillary Clinton decided to let her hair down this past weekend at “Cafe Havana in Cartagena, Colombia.” Hillary was filmed dancing and drinking the night away with her girlfriends after a long day of “diplomatic affairs” at the “Summit of the Americas.” The image to the right was the New York Post front page Monday morning. A blog post in the London Telegraph asked if Clinton is “becoming an embarrassment” as Secretary of State.

So what’s the big deal, I can hear many leftist leaning folks asking? No doubt the same crowd that came out in defense of Bill Clinton when it was learned he had been having a sexual affair involving a white house intern and a very illegal cuban cigar. For starters, the trip was business and funded 100% by taxpayer dollars. Also, and this may be coincidence, or it may be related, no one in the liberal media will confirm it, but when Mrs. Clinton’s actions are gauged in light of the across town prostitution scandal from the very same weekend in question, involving numerous secret service agents who had also attended a night club named “Pley Club” prior to securing the services of a number of prostitutes, it makes the average taxpaying citizen back home in the USA think they are footing the bill for our officials and staff to act in a fashion that is not flattering to the Untied States.  Taxpayers who have to get up early in order to pay the salaries of these drunken officials and sex crazed secret service agents are getting more and more angry by the day. And rightfully so; these are the big  shots we’ve chosen to represent our interests abroad. They don’t get to drink, dance, hire prostitutes and get into trouble. They aren’t celebrities. The’re well paid professionals who we as Americans expect to act accordingly.  The actions of Hillary Clinton and the prostitute hiring (and subsequently “gipping” which is what lead to a report being filed) secret service agents from the weekend of April 14-15 is proof that our federal government is a joke and is spending our money on it’s own demented pleasures at home and when traveling abroad on business.

This, from a bunch that claims to be “working on curtailing spending.” Laughable, it truly is.


 Hillary Drinking & Dancing VIDEO:

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