Why did we the people elect a “Super Congress”? When did the vote happen? This “Super Congress” is a 12-member bipartisan panel compromised of six members from each party. It will settle on an agreements to fast-track them through the Senate and the House. Members would not be allowed to debate the plans, just vote for or against them. This Super Congress has powers far beyond just controlling the nation’s debit woes and its authority could extend to other areas. As an example this “super congress” can and probably will target the second amendment which would null and void the normal protections that prevent unconstitutional legislation from being fast-tracked into law.

As reported by the Global Research site
“This ” Super Congress,” composed of members of both chambers and both parties, isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, but would be granted extraordinary new powers. Under a plan put forth by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his counterpart Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), legislation to lift the debt ceiling would be accompanied by the creation of a 12-member panel made up of 12 lawmakers — six from each chamber and six from each party. Legislation approved by the Super Congress would then be fast-tracked through both chambers, where it couldn’t be amended by simple, regular lawmakers, who’d have the ability only to cast an up or down vote. With the weight of both leaderships behind it, a product originated by the Super Congress would have a strong chance of moving through the little Congress and quickly becoming law. A Super Congress would be less accountable than the system that exists today, and would find it easier to strip the public of popular benefits. Negotiators are currently considering cutting the mortgage deduction and tax credits for retirement savings, for instance, extremely popular policies that would be difficult to slice up using the traditional legislative process.”

Super heros or Super unsurpers..

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) pulled no punches in making it plain that the Super Congress would have supreme authority. “The joint committee — there are no constraints,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “They can look at any program we have in government, any program. … It has the ability to look at everything.”   We realize this super committee is blatantly unconstitutional because it restricts the people’s voice in the House of Representatives to just a select group. Full representation of the people has been eliminated. This Super Congress will literally have no limitations whatsoever. Every single controversial bill that has been filibustered or voted out could be pushed through and the voice of the people never heard.

Is this a direct psy-op to incite the American people into a open revolution. And we have come to the conclusion that we as Americans have forgotten something very important. At this time in history… NO form of government can solve America’s problems. They can only be fixed by US… the people.