According to Restored Republic for The United States of America President Tim Turner there has been a successful assassination of a prominent Republic official. As stated in a recent press release, which you can download and read for yourself here, Arizona Chief Justice William Dale Foust(Bill) was gunned down in his own driveway on June 19, 2011 by a Page, Arizona deputy sheriff. Read a letter concerning this issue, written by the Restored Republics Chief Ambassador James KalmFitzgerald here.

It has recently come to the attention of DCXposed that the Department of Homeland Security has succeeded in labeling all members of the Restored Republic for The United States of America as terrorists and that they also succeeded in implanting moles within the structure of the RR. After being notified by 3 freinds that they have received little or no reply from 3 different state acknowledgments of the RR and considering that they have suspended issuing identification credentials for their members … it makes one wonder if they are simply avoiding adding new members to their ranks to prevent the DHS from infiltrating or if they have lost some of their internal fortitude, considering the damage that surely arose from the DHS implants, as well as the shooting death of martyr Bill Foust.

I implore the leaders of the RR to avoid resorting to inward methods of thinking. Only a true upfront, outward and fully

Cheif Justice Bill Foust

Cheif Justice Bill Foust

transparent operation can succeed in such an environment. I would make the name of every member and every official within the Restored Republic a publicly verified list and I would advise anyone seeking inclusion upon that list of the implications that could arise from their name going up in lights. This isn’t softball …. this is the big leagues, as the death of this great man can attest. Upon that list you will have two sets of names, one set being true patriotic Americans ready to give their lives so that truth and freedom be restored to their Republic …. and the rest, dept of homeland security implants, who would then be easily recognizable.

I realize that President Turner has been the victim of trumped up allegations in the public arena, which is indicative of someone who has chosen a path that strays from the intellect of the de facto corporation that resides in the district of columbia. I understand that the Dept of Homeland Security is now acting in complete reverse of it’s intended purpose, which was to preserve the safety of Americans at home in this country. Now, it is the agent of choice for the de facto to target and go after those who dissent. But the only way, THE ONLY WAY, to make Bill Foust a true martyr for his beloved cause, is by making these facts as public as possible. is at the disposal of the Restored Republic, anytime it needs us.

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