Obama's America #2 - Political Cartoon

Obama’s America #2

The federal government was just caught sending guns to Mexico via Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General … and the Justice Department. The operation was dubbed “Fast & Furious“. They claimed that they wanted to “see where the guns wound up” by tracking them. Where did they wind up? Right where everyone suspected, the Mexican drug cartel. Two of them wound up at crime scenes, used to kill two police officers in the U.S. and the minute that happened this scandal was exposed. When we consider the influx of terror cells that have been

Official portrait of United States Attorney Ge...

Official portrait of United States Attorney General Eric Holder

verified existing in northern Mexico since 2008, many with Taliban and Al-Queda fingerprints, this story of gun runners and illegal cover ups becomes more than some ‘weiner’ scandal, it becomes a grave and sinister attempt to undermine America and the safety of it’s citizens. To top the cake? Obama forced through a piece of legislation recently that has sat dormant for 20 years, the “free trucking” provision which was included in the original NAFTA bill, which gives Mexican trucks the green light at the border to go and do whatever they please. A totally blatant disregard for safety as well as common sense, that provision, coupled with the gun running scandal combined, paint a picture that even the most hard line supporters of Obama and the Fed, have trouble defending.

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