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Contact: Ed Brown
Office: 828-226-8457

An aggregate news website from CPG, http://dcexposed.com promises a new approach as well as a refreshing alternative to biased ‘mainstream’ outlets.

Knoxville, TN July 4, 2011 – This endeavor has been a labor of love to a select few who are embarking down a road that MUST be traveled. While most news agencies openly acknowledge their partisan stances on important issues, http://dcexposed.com offers the internet an untainted view of the current state of affairs in Washington, D.C., allowing the reader to form his/her own opinions based on fact, not partisan politics.

The website will offer political categories such as national, state and local news, on site filmography with corresponding video’s, cartoons, commentary, editorials, and also offers a community forum, chat, and dedicated internal email account. All information is stored in a secured, dedicated SQL database and undergoes an auto generated site wide back up every hour on the hour, in the event it were to ‘mysteriously’ meet with an untimely demise.

For further information, contact Ed Brown at (828) 226-8457.